Monica Potter

Angela Weiss/Getty Images for NBCUniversal

If you are a fan of Parenthood then you already know that Monica Potter portrays one of our favorite TV mom, Kristina Braverman. If you're not a fan of the family drama than go marathon it immediately on Netflix and join the club.

Off-screen Potter is mom to three her kids, Molly, Daniel and Liam. She's also something of a lifestyle and crafts expert—often blogging about family traditions, projects, cooking and gardening on her website.

Because of this we thought she probably have some great last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas. Turns out she had five:

1. B&B: "Breakfast in bed because mom is always getting up at the crack of dawn to take care of breakfast and lunches for school," says Potter.  "Let mom stay in bed, relax and enjoy the treats that Mother's Day will bring." 

2. Wildflowers: "One of my favorite memories is when my boys would handpick flowers (sometimes from the neighbor's yard) and make beautiful bouquets of dandelions, daisies and wild lilacs."

3. DIY Pampering Session: "Draw mom a bath with lavender oil and Epsom salts. While the tub is being filled, treat her to a massage and a homemade facial using oatmeal, banana and honey."

4. Supper Club: "Take her out to a nice dinner. It doesn't need to be fancy. Just somewhere where she can relax and be treated like a queen. So that means no fighting at the table." 

5. Animal Rescue: "If you have pets, she would love a vacation from having to pick up dog poop. A no poop day. That means pick it up, spray it and hose it down."

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