Sara Bareilles' new music video for "I Choose You" is just as touching as the song itself.

In the recently released vid, the 34-year-old singer helps two real-life couples get engaged: one heterosexual couple from L.A. named Matt and Chelsea and one same-sex couple from Denver named Aly and Andrea.

The video is a compilation of footage leading up to the big proposals intertwined with Bareilles belting out the love song. Aly is shown prepping to pop the question by making paintings that tell their story of romance. As for Matt, he makes a literal memory lane of dioramas made from colorful Post-It notes.

"Tell the world that we finally got it all right/ I choose you," Bareilles sings in the ballad. "I will become yours and you will become mine/ I choose you."

"There was a time when I would have believed them/ If they told me you could not come true/ Just love's illusion," she croons. "But then you found me and everything changed/ And I believe in something again."

The touching video culminates with the two big proposals that lead to lots of loving tears from the couples and their family and friends (and Bareilles is there in person to sing to the newly engaged fans). 

Watch the heartwarming "I Choose You" video for yourself!

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