Family Feud

If you're not familiar with The Feud, née Family Feud, the "Fast Money" portion of the game is a rapid-fire round in which two family members are picked to play and, between the two of them, must accumulate 200 points in order to win $20,000 (or, "Twe-nty. Thooousand. DOLLARS!!!!!") 

On a recent episode, the Sass family's patriarch put a very impressive 182 points on the board. Steve Harvey asks his daughter, Anna Sass, how many points she will need to win. She surprisingly answers correctly (18). That is the only correct answer she gives...

Anna is obviously not stupid—most of her first answers were the No. 1 answers that her father had already guessed—she's just bad at Family Feud. And Anna knows she did badly. She just didn't know it was this badly.

Anyway, it's funny watching the family one-eighty from being the happiest they've ever been after dad's turn to wanting to cry on national TV. "Deeply in Marriage." What a hoot.

From the worst Family Feud player to the best. This answer should have never happened, but it did. And we couldn't be happier. Question: "Name something you pull out." Answer...


(H/T Guyism)

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