Moises Arias, Willow Smith

Tumblr/This photo of a minor was used as she is a celebrity in her own right

Who is Moisés Arias?

The Internet has been buzzing this week after photos of the 20-year-old actor lying shirtless in bed with 13-year-old pal Willow Smith surfaced. While the pics seem harmless enough, some are saying the bedfellow photos are a bit inappropriate.

So what's the story with the Arias? Here are five things to know about Willow's BFF.

1. He Used to Work With Miley Cyrus: Arias is probably most well known for playing the character of Rico opposite Miley Cyrus on the Disney series Hannah Montana. Arias starred on the kids' show from 2006 to 2011.

Moises Aria, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana


2. He's Friends With the Kardashians: Willow Smith isn't Arias' only celeb BFF. He's also besties with her brother Jaden Smith and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Arias' Tumblr page is chock-full of photos of the Jenner girls, including pics of them hanging out inside the Kardashian family home. They gang also recently attended the Coachella Music Festival together (that's reportedly where the shirtless bedfellow photo is from).

3. He Loves Taking Selfies: Arias' Instagram account is almost all self-portraits. Arias is quite artsy and definitely knows how to use a camera, as evidenced by his many seflie photos.

4. He's a Provocative Tweeter: Arias' recent tweets include, "Let's have love and make sex," "Better to be hated than to be loved for something you hate," "Women look so cute today" and "Goin' 69 on a 45."

5. He's Been in More Movies Than You Might Think: In addition to Hannah Montana, Arias also made appearances on Selena Gomez's show The Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Middle. He was also in the Hannah Montana movie, Nacho Libre, the Sundance hit The Kings of Summer and, most recently, Ender's Game with Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin.

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