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If we've learned anything from this season of Real Housewives of New York City it's don't slander Carole Radziwill and for the love of god, do not splash Ramona Singer. Especially when she has blow-dried her hair!

New cast member Kristen Taekman made the splash mistake not once, but TWICE this season. The first time was in a hot tub at a spa after Ramona threw wine at her. There was a hair blow out involved.

Then while "relaxing" at Heather's house in the Berkshires, Ramona was drinking wine and gossiping about Kristen on a canoe. Kristen and Heather Thomson, who were swimming in the lake, approached the canoe and splashed the gossiping Ramona. This obviously did not sit well with Ramona.

"You know what Kristen? You're two for two now. You're a f---ing bitch," Ramona said. She then tossed her wine at Kristen, again, but then followed with her glass. That wasn't enough, she tried for the oar! Carole, who was on the canoe with Ramona and Sonja Morgan, had enough and dove into the lake.

Kristen took to her Bravo blog after the incident. "BUT IT IS NOT OK TO THROW A GLASS AT ANYONE!!! SHE DREW BLOOD, MY BLOOD FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! I didn't even realize that I was bleeding until Carole said something and then I could taste it running into my mouth," she wrote. "The only comforting thing was learning that Lu was a nurse, but I just wanted to get out of that water clean my lip and assess the damage…In all honesty, it is just not OK and can't be tolerated. She needs some serious anger management."

Earlier in the episode Ramona expressed trepidation in venturing to the Berkshires because it reminded her too much of where she grew up. "My most embarrassing and vulnerable moment is on tonight's #RHONY episode. Never in a million years did I think the glass would hit Kristen," she tweeted.

The drama seems to continue next week with more meltdowns in the woods and an escape to the Hamptons.

Where do you fall on this side of the developing feud? Team Kristen or Team Ramona? Vote in the poll below.

RHONY: Team Kristen or Team Ramona?
Are you Team Kristen or Team Ramona?
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