Real House Wives of New York


Real Housewives of New York: Let it be known that nature brings out the absolute worst in Ramona. Not only was she complaining every two minutes about having to spend some time in The Berkshires, she even blatantly insulted Heather by asking if her house was "the garage"! She also took it upon herself to hire someone to install an air conditioner in Heather home. (Translation: Ramona was an super big brat tonight) So we weren't surprised when a tiny comment set Ramona off causing her to throw a wine glass at Kristen and split her lip!

While in canoes, (seriously, they were!) Ramona was explaining to Sonja how Kristen's husband was talking about her business at a recent dinner, Kristen swam up and, jokingly, splashed the girls with water. And that did not go over well. Pissed that her freshly-blown out hair was ruined, Ramona chucked her glass of wine at Kristen, cutting her lip. Oh, and then she also called her "a f--king bitch." Classy, Ramona. 

The Mindy ProjectImagine all of your favorite romantic comedies mashed  together to make one uber-rom-com so squeal-worthy you are forced to put your face in your pillow. Yep, that was The Mindy Project's finale, which finally found Danny and Mindy going all in--they ended the finale as a couple!

But it was a rocky road to happily ever after (for now) as Danny decided the best way to do it was by Catfishing Mindy via a Missed Connections, posing as Andy, thinking it would make Mindy realize she is still in love with him. A great idea it was not. Also not a great idea? Danny ditching his date at the top of the Empire State Building after Mindy said he was right about them not being together. 

Mindy Project Fashion

Courtesy: FOX

And after even more hijinks (including a viewing of When Harry Met Sally in bed together, the real "Andy" showing up and Danny confessing what he did and telling Mindy "I love you," only for her to not believe him), Danny asked Mindy to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building.

Though she wasn't going to go at first, Mindy realized Danny really does love her because he still had her diamond earrings. (Swoon!) Cue epic montage of both of them running to the ESB to Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark." 

And finally, after two seasons, Danny and Mindy finally got their rom-com ending…but with a Mindy twist as she was passed out after running all those stairs (The elevator stopped working for our heroine). "I wanna go all in," he told her, before they immediately started arguing over how many kids they are going to have. Perfection, thy name is The Mindy Project

Glee, Chris Colfer

Tyler Golden/FOX

Glee: In case you didn't know, Glee star Chris Colfer wrote tonight's episode! Now let's get to it: Kurt befriended a retirement home full of former Broadway legends and leaped at the chance to star in their production of Peter Pan. (And as one would guess, Kurt looked all kind of adorable flying around in his little green tights) Meanwhile, Rachel was trying to repair her image after word got out in the Broadway world that she ditched a Funny Girl show to audition for a pilot.  So her newly blonde publicist Santana, started a doggie adoption charity called Broadway Bitches to help get Rachel some positive press. 

Supernatural Wooooah, that was intense. Dean (armed with the First Blade) came face to face with Abaddon in tonight's hour. Although she quickly used her demon powers to push him against the wall, things took a turn for the weird. Fueled by the power of the Mark of Cain, Dean was able to overcome Abaddon's power—something even she was shocked by! When he dropped the First Blade, he was also able to use some type of telekinesis to make it jump back into his hand. (Um, you alright there, Dean?) Armed with super, possibly demonic, power, Dean charged at Abaddon and killed her for good with the First Blade. Dean ended her her long path of destruction and quest to take over Hell by pulverizing Abaddon's dead body over and over until blood covered him from head to toe.

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The Voice: It was a triple elimination night at the NBC singing series—so who got the boot? Say goodbye to Audra McLaughlin, Sisaundra Lewis, and Delvin Choice because their time on The Voice's stage is officially over. In the drama-packed hour, Kat Perkins ended up getting winning America's coveted Instant Save and has another chance at victory on The Voice. 

New Girl: Congratulations, New Girl! We didn't know it was possible but your season three finale was absolutely and completely pointless. Bravo! When Nick and Jess were still together, they book a romantic vacay on a cruise. However now that they are not together (and the cruise was completely un-refundable) they managed to trade in their lovebird suite and get Schmidt, Coach, Winston and Cece a spot onboard too.

Basically all you need to know is Schmidt chickened out and did not tell Cece that he still loves her, and Nick and Jess decided that they are going to try and be friends. They're also still living in the loft together. That's right. Schmidt and Nick have decided to get bunk-beds and these five grown adults are still living like they're college freshmen. Seriously, Jess?! Arent you a vice principal or something now? Get you s--t together girl and move out of your ex-boyfriend's loft! (Sorry about that, we just have a lot of feelings.)

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Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, True Tori


True Tori: It was a tough week for Tori and Dean as they were each tasked with homework from their therapist. Tori was told to write a letter to Dean to tell him how angry and hurt she is because of his betrayal. (Something that Tori had a hard time expressing.) While Dean was instructed to write a letter to his wife and apologize for everything he has put her through. When it came to the letters, they both kind of wussed out. Tori didn't write anything about her feelings, and Dean's apology sounds hollow and insincere. But on the positive side, Tori managed to get out for a night and meet up with her 90201 co-star and longtime bestie Jennie Garth, so the episode wasn't a total waste! 

The Originals Things were totally cray in the French Quarter this week: Turns out Francesca (the bitchy human who kept bugging Cami) is actually a werewolf and she has teamed up with Genevieve to help give as much power to her pack as possible and take down the vamps. In the midst of Marcel's vampire mutany, Genevieve revealed to Klaus that she linked the Francesca's' stones' power to his blood. So any time a werewolf uses the rings to keep from turning, they'll be drawing from his strength.

Did we also happen to mention that Klaus bit both Marcel and Josh and now their fates are not looking good? To make matters worse, the witches have Hayley, and due to Genevieve's spell to subdue her, she has gone into labor early. The mother-to-be also found out that her baby is destined to be an offering to the witches' ancestor in exchange for power. Not ideal. 

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