Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Fallon

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Yes, Bryan Cranston is arguably one of the most talented actors around today. But a master of urban slang language he is not.

During an appearance on last night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cranston revealed he has no idea what "badonkadonk" means or how to say it.

The whole thing went down during a game called Word Sneak where Cranston and Jimmy Fallon each had five unusual words that they had to seamlessly work into their conversation. Things started easy enough. The Godzilla star worked in "spork" while Fallon casually mentioned "Dungarees" during their interview.

Fallon then made a "slip ‘n slide" mention before Cranston, without missing a beat, word-dropped "guacamole." Fallon then worked in "Lake Titicaca" and Cranston quipped a reference to baseball legend Wade Boggs.

But things hit a wall when Cranston attempted to say "badonkadonk" without having any idea that it's a slang word for booty. Even worse, he horribly (and hilariously) pronounced it as "bada-kahn-donk!"

Watch the funny clip for yourself now.

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