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We hope you're either tipping the people who wait on you well or you don't plan on returning to whatever restaurant where you left less than 10 percent. Because they will undoubtedly remember you and quite possibly do something weird to your food. And as the great cinematic classic Waiting (starring Ryan Reynolds) taught us, you don't mess with people who handle your food.

Where is all this tipping beef coming from? Well, the payment service Square has provided the site Quartz with data from across the United States that shows which states are tipping their food-service folks well, and which ones are seriously lacking.

The map, which you can study over at Quartz, pulled data from tens of millions of transactions from waiters, baristas and food-truck workers. Personally, we think that 15 to 20 percent is a fair tip for good service, but according to the map, the concept of a "good tip" varies from state to state.

Here are some fast facts:

• The national average tip in restaurants is 16.5 percent of the bill.
• Nevada had the lowest restaurant average (14.6 percent).
• West Virginia came out on top with 20.1 percent tips in restaurants.
• The percentage of people who leave tips is as high as 80 percent in Maine.
• In New Jersey, the percent of people who leave tips is only 42.
• On average, 57 percent of Americans leave tips in restaurants.
• People who frequent coffee shops are the most generous tippers, with a tip average of just over 18 percent.
• South Carolina is the best state for baristas to be tipped, while Hawaii is the worst.
• And don't forget food trucks! On average, the people who leave tips give 17.6 percent of the bill.
• Iowa residents are very generous with their food truck servers, as they tend to leave nearly a 25 percent tip. The worst? Pennsylvania and Georgia (less than 15 percent).

Of course, this study only pulled data from businesses that use Square to process payments and not places that use other means of computerized sales. It also didn't include people who pay by credit card but tip in cash and any fast-casual institutions where people pay at the counter and then get food brought to the table.

That's all we got, folks! Be sure to tip your bartender on the way out.

Or do you live by the ways of Dwight Schrute?

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