Taylor Swift's Covered Cropped Top: Gotta Have It or Make It Stop?

What's your take on the "Red" singer's extra fabric under this short shirt?

By JJ Moore May 05, 2014 10:00 PMTags
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Is Taylor Swift kind of cheating her way out of really wearing this season's (and last season's...) sexiest style? The top portion of this Oscar de la Renta combo is clearly a mini shirt style, and yet fabric underneath keeps the "22" singer's stomach protected.

Isn't this kind of like wearing those mini skirts that have shorts underneath? We get the concept of playing it safe, but this halfway move just ends up looking half-assed!

How cute would this combo be with a little peep of middle? The high-waisted skirt keeps it all totally sophisticated and even vintage-inspired, and it's not like the gingham top is too sexy for a stroll around New York City. The country crooner's sweet lace-ups and classic pocket book keep it all completely classy.

Maybe the designers at De la Renta are to blame for this awkward added fabric, because we've seen Tay-Tay rock a mini top expertly. Next time she should trust her gut, literally.

We say make this stop, but what's your take?


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What's your take on Taylor's modified crop?
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