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It was a night of reunions and emotional missed connection on tonight's action-packed Game of Thrones, while Emily finally was able to bring down one of the Graysons on Revenge. Meanwhile, Don Draper discovered how much sober life sucks at the office, and the Wicked Witch of the West finally showed her true colors. All that and more in tonight's edition of OMG TV Moments!

Game of Thrones: Sansa and Littlefinger successfully made it to the Eyrie and our eldest Stark girl finally got to meet her crazy Aunt Lysa. (Spoiler Alert: Lysa is even more bats—t crazy than she was before!) It turns out that her love for Littlefinger is borderline obsessive. How do we know that? Lysa didn't even question it when he told her poison her own husband and then write to Catelyn claiming that it was the Lannisters who killed Jon Arryn. That's right, Littlefinger—aka Westeros' master manipulator—was the sole instigator for the horrifying domino effect that has plagued the Stark family since season one. 

Meanwhile, beyond the wall, Jon and the rest of his watch brothers successfully defeated the men who invaded Craster's Keep. Unfortunately, just when Bran was about to reunite with his big bro, Joen reminded Bran that Jon would never let them continue on their search for the three-eyed-raven. So the fivesome left before Jon could even realize Bran was there. On the bright side, Jon reunited with Ghost! And across the narrow sea, Dany decided to put her Westeros dreams on pause and stay in Meereen to get some queen practice and ensure that her conquered cities would remain conflict-free. 

Resurrection: The season one finale of resurrection is finally here, and tonight's hour finally confirmed something we've been suspecting for a while now: Sherriff Fred Langston is not a good guy. Now that Maggie has finally reunited with her mom, she was shocked when her momma revealed that her dad has a "cruel and dark" side. Sheriff Langston furthered confirmed this theory when locked the 250+ Returned into the Arcadia High School gym like a bunch of dangerous animals.

Meanwhile, the Thompsons revealed that they are hoping that their son Robert who has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck, is alive. Guess who has that birthmark? Bellamy! We saw the reveal when Bellamy took Jacob to the edge of town where they were forced to halt their escape due to a gigantic valley of dead bugs and a swarm of helicopters and SUV's. 

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Mad Men: With Don officially back at SC&P, everything is going to go back to normal, right? Wrong! Lou put Peggy in charge of a potential burger account and she then took that newfound responsibility and used it as her own personal "eff you!" at Don. She lumped Don and the lowly junior copy guy together, and told them to each come up with 25 taglines. Don, who promptly game Peggy his signature one-eyebrow-raised look of disbelief, chose to get wasted on vodka in his office (a HUGE no-no) and ignored the assignment. It was only after Freddy Rumsen warned Don to get his s—t together, that Mr. Draper decided to suck it up and get Peggy her 25 lines. How's that humble pie tasting, Don?

Revenge: Well it's about damn time! After nearly three full seasons, Emily was finally able to get (part of) her revenge on The Graysons in tonight's hour. It turns out that Emily and Aiden were the ones who kidnapped Charlotte on the beach last week. They filled the Grayson gal in on all of the horrible things that her parents did, (the terrorist group, flight 197, framing David Clarke, etc.) so it wasn't a surprise when Charlotte had a full-blown panic attack upon learning the truth. While Emily was out grabbing some chill-pills for her baby half sister, Jack set Charlotte free.

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Charlotte returned to her parent's Hamptons palace to confront her father and tell him that he "disgusts her" and she is going to tell the police everything. This did not sit well with Conrad. Papa Grayson promptly unleashed a whirlwind of vicious words onto his daughter, copping up to all of his devious deeds, and promising that if she rats him out, he will erase her like her had every other person. Yikes! Unfortunately, Conrad did not know that Charlotte was secretly taping her father's rage-fueled confession and broadcasting the whole thing live on the news. The police came and promptly carted Conrad off to a jail cell while Victoria happily played the piano.

But that's not all, folks! While Conrad was locked up, Emily paid him a little visit revealing that it was she who had brought him down "in honor of Amanda and David Clark." Conrad, who wanted to make sure that Victoria was going to suffer as well, was thrilled when Emily revealed that she wasn't finished with her plan yet. "Well then, Godspeed," Conrad smiled. Uh-oh, better watch out, Victoria!

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Once Upon a Time: Well episode sure was a whirlwind of wickedness. Zelena finally was able to activate her cursed kiss spell by throwing Hook into a tank full of water, and causing Emma to have to give the crush-worthy captain mouth-to-mouth—thus snatching Emma's light magic goodness. Noooo! To make matters worse, Zelena stole Charming and Snow's brand new baby. (P.S. It's a boy!) With Emma magic-less, it was up to Regina to dig deep inside and change her dark magic into good. The formerly Evil Queen mustered up the strength and successfully ripped Zelena's power-wielding pendant from her neck and rendered her helpless.

Although Rumple wanted to use his Dark One dagger to enact revenge on Zelena for Neal's death, Regina stopped him and offered her sister a second chance to be good. Rumple ended up letting Belle hold onto his dagger as a gesture of trust before sending the entire Rumbelle fandom into a frenzy. "I am now and for all of the future yours," Rumple told his lady love. "Will you marry me?" Belle obviously accepted, but it turns out that Rumple was not being entirely truthful. The dagger that Belle possesses is actually a fake, and with the real dagger, Rumple snuck into Zelena's jail and used the blade to destroy the Wicked Witch. (Or did he??) 

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