Michelle Obama, Joel Mchale, White House Correspondents Dinner

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After President Barack Obama took his own jabs at himself, the government shutdown and Fox news, it was The Soup's very own Joel McHale's turn at the mic. And as we all expected, the Community star wasn't afraid to really get the room going with his jokes at the expense of the President, Paul Ryan and even Jessica Simpson.

Before he really got going, he made sure to thank the White House Correspondents Association for having him and "for not being able to book Jimmy Fallon."

The comedian started his routine by greeting the First Family:

"Good evening, Mr. President. Or as Paul Ryan refers to you: another inner-city minority relying on the federal government to feed and house your family. I'm a big fan of President Obama. I think he's one of the top great Presidents. Definitely in the top 50. Please explain that to Jessica Simpson." 

After getting a shocked reaction from the crowd, McHale all but rolled his eyes. "You're right. That was low."

He also took the time to flatter Michelle Obama, who looked positively radiant in an off-the-shoulder white gown that showed off her toned arms, which was something Joel definitely took notice of:

"Mrs. Obama, you have been very kind to me and my family," he said. "Especially when you showed us all how to tear a phonebook in half with your bare hands. That was incredible!"

And just in case the attendees weren't sure who Joel was, he broke things down very simply for them:

"I also host a show called The Soup, which is on the E! network. To Republicans in attendance, E! is the channel that your deeply-closeted gay son likes to watch. Democrats, it's the same channel that your happy, openly-gay son likes to watch."

Barack Obama, White House Correspondents Dinner

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Here are some other highlights from Joel's speech at the WHCD:

On CNN's Malaysia 370 coverage: "100 years ago, CNN was only searching for the Wright Brothers plane…CNN is desperately searching for something that's been missing for months: their dignity."

On Canada in the news: "Between Rob Ford, Justin Bieber and Ted Cruz, you just want to tell Canada: "Hey, hey. Relax. We already have a Florida."

On Hillary Clinton running for President: "Hillary Clinton has a lot going for her as a candidate. She has the experience, she's a natural leader and as our first female president, we could pay her 30 percent less. That's a saving this country could use!"

On Donald Trump: "People are asking, 'will Donald Trump run again?' And the answer is: 'does that thing on his head crap in the woods?' I actually don't know. I don't know if that thing on his head has a digestive system."

On Joe Biden: "It's crazy to think that Joe Biden is only one heartbeat away from no one taking him seriously as President."

On Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy: "In nine months we will officially have a sequel to Bad Grandpa. When the baby is born, do you give Bill Clinton a cigar?"

On Fox News: "Fox News is the highest rated network in cable news. And it's all thanks to their key demographic: the corpses of old people who tuned into Fox News and haven't yet been discovered."

On Hollywood and Washington mingling: "There's a lot of celebrities here tonight. There the ones who don't look like ghouls."

On Obamacare: "Now, over 8 million people have signed up for Obamacare, which is impressive, until you realize that Ashley Tisdale has 12 million Twitter followers."

On the George Clooney's recent fight at the Wynn: "Every year, the White House doctor checks the president's colon for polyps and George Clooney's head."

What did you think of Joel's speech at this year's WHCD?

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