Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless, Hangs Out With the Ladies at Las Vegas Pool Party

It's clear the "Boyfriend" crooner is having a blast in Sin City this weekend

By Brandi Fowler, Senta Scarborough May 03, 2014 6:38 PMTags
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is having a blast in Las Vegas. 

After getting pampered with Floyd Mayweather Friday, the "Confident" crooner hit Palms Casino Resort and Palms Pool Day Club and "Ditch Fridays" season opener without the rest of the money team in tow, checking out the affair with an entourage and a group of ladies from a balcony, a source tells E! News exclusively.

"Since Vegas is a 21 years and over town, it was the closest way for him to experience the party," the eyewitness said.

After arriving with his pals around 4 p.m, the Biebs went shirtless at the bash, spending most of his time with water in hand.

"His security team picked out about eight pretty girls partying below who later joined Bieber and his friends in the bungalow," an eyewitness said. "An hour or so later, a few of the girls left the bungalow. And as they were returning to the party below, one of the girls' boyfriends was waiting for her below and he threw some ice at her for ditching him for Bieber."

During the event, the Biebs kept a low-profile and didn't drink, instead listening to the poolside DJ music and checking out the happenings at the party. "He seemed super chill and he had his shirt off the whole time showing off his tattoos and body," the eyewitness continued. "He was literally watching people from the balcony the whole time and at times would point a people."

The day before, Bieber and the professional boxer took some time to relax before Mayweather's big fight Saturday night against Marco Maidana at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

"We call this the good life…massage…pedicure," Mayweather says in the Instagram video that shows Biebs enjoying the spa day.

"#moneyteam spa. Gettin ready for the fight," Bieber captioned the Instavideo.

Hours before the fight began, Bieber teased fans about his appearance at the event, writing on Instagram, "Make sure to get @floydmayweather's fight tonight on PPV! I'll be walking him out with a special surprise."

We can't wait.