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Did Ben Affleck have a streak that was too hot for management to handle?

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was apparently keeping a close eye on the star during his recent trip to Sin City, because the high roller was ultimately asked to stop playing blackjack.

An insider familiar with the situation tells E! News that Affleck was in Vegas on a couple's trip with wife Jennifer Garner, a quick romantic getaway before he starts shooting the Batman-Superman movie in Detroit.

He was not booted from the casino, but security did tell him, "You are too good at the game," the source tells E! News. 

Well, Affleck certainly isn't an amateur. One of those modern-day classic celebrity stories, it was widely reported back in 2001, during his wilder premarital days, that he won $800,000 playing blackjack at the Hard Rock.

Ben Affleck


The source says that the hotel continued to treat the Oscar winner like a VIP even after he was cut off from blackjack. He was told that he could play other games, and then they arranged for a car to take Affleck and Garner back to their hotel. 

TMZ reported that Affleck was caught counting cards, which is not illegal in the state of Nevada but is highly frowned upon by casinos and likely to get a gambler kicked out if discovered.

James Taylor of the Nevada Gaming Control Board tells E! News that the practice becomes illegal if a device is involved or signs or signals are used between players.

"Just having a brilliant mind counting cards is fine," he said.

—Additional reporting by Senta Scarborough

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