Marines, Frozen


No need to tell us, we're sick of rando Frozen viral videos too. So trust us when we say, you need to see this one: No matter how bad things got this week, these marines freaking out to Frozen will instantly brighten your day. 

It's also our new favorite version of "Let It Go" too. Sorry bout it, Adele Dazeem!

It just makes us so HAPPY!

(But if you want to peek behind the curtain, the marine who uploaded the video, Bill Nuche, says they didn't all have the lyrics memorized—"We had the subtitles on so we could sing along"—and the reason they all freak out when Elsa lets her hair down "because it's really hot." Well then. OK! We support our troops!)

In that case:

Frozen GIF


Hello, boys.

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