Lily Allen

Darren Gerrish/WireImage

With all due respect, if we found Lily Allen in our house wearing this coat we'd scream bloody murder. She looks like something we'd beg the brave boy in the room to squash!

We can't decide if the Fendi design is more Very Hungry Caterpillar gone goth or black widow spider with a ton of grey hairs, but either way, it is not a pretty sight!

Sadly no part of this style is flattering on the "Air Balloon" artist. The massive shape hides her slight figure, the furry fabric creates that big bug effect and even the dark color combo is a miss. We could maybe get behind this look in all black (at least then the pattern wouldn't look like creepy veins) and a cropped length might save things (at least then there would be less of it...), but it's way better off as a giant model in a science museum.

Though, even then we'd obviously avoid the exhibit.

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