E!'s Official Guide to Getting Over a Hangover

We polled our E! Online staff and got their can't-fail suggestions

By Jenna Mullins Jan 01, 2015 5:00 PMTags
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Dry mouth. Pounding headache. Churning stomach. Fatigue. Either you ate some really bad sushi last night or you have been struck with a rare disease and you need to see Dr. House immediately. He will cure you and mock you at the same time.

Or you're hungover. It's probably that.

Since a lot of you will go out tonight to say goodbye to 2014, we want to give you guys a chance to prepare your method for getting past a hangover after a wee bit too much of celebrating. Maybe you have your own cure, but it doesn't hurt to have some backups. So we asked the folks here at E! to give us their favorite strategy for begin completely over hung. (Over hung is when you're much more than just hungover. You are over hung.)

So check out the suggestions, plus some other guidelines we threw in there for good measure:

Kristin: "Drink again. Sweat it out. My college roommate always ate greasy pizza in the bathtub."

Cinya: "Pedialyte. It's like Gatorade on steroids. My friend told me about it a while ago and I use it for truly bad hangovers."

Lily: "Okay, first you need a sandwich. That sandwich must have cheese. You would also benefit if said sandwich involved double or triple layers of things, like bread, onion rings, more cheese. Then you need fries, they too need cheese somewhere on or around them. Then you need lots and lots of water and a big ol' pair of sunglasses to hide your shame face. 60 percent of the time, it works every time."

Rebecca: "Drink at least one big glass of water before bed!"

Zach "Follow Gwyneth Paltrow's advice (with my own poor person twist)."

Tierney: "OK, this is embarrassing but I literally wake up, clean my room, go work out and then eat a bagel. I think it's something about feeling so crappy that it's nice to be in a clean environment? And when I was younger, someone told me you could actually sweat out alcohol and I believed them for a very long time, longer than I care to admit. And bagels are just delicious, so yeah."

Jacqueline: "Before the party: Milk Thistle. Before bed: Advil and a couple of pints of water.  In the morning when it's the worst hangover ever: Berocca in a shot of vodka with a splash of soda. Warning: this is amazing but will kill your liver and if tried on consecutive days and will lead to violent shakes and memory loss."

Gina: "Drink as much lemon water as humanly possible before falling asleep—as citrusy and acidic as you can stand. Also in the morning. I don't know if it works (it probably doesn't) but it seems like something that should, and really that's the kind of glimmer of hope you need to hold tight to in dark hangover-suffering times."

Brett: "Keep drinking."

Kamala: "Drinking two to three glasses of alkaline water before bed and again in the morning works wonders. Apparently the Japanese do this to fight hangovers. Not only does it hydrate the body more than regular water but it also helps remove toxins more quickly and it neutralizes inflammation that often results in headaches and body pain. When I partied with my boyfriend and the guys in Vegas one weekend, they taught me this trick…and it literally saved my life."

Bruna: "Drink Powerade in the morning. Refuel on electrolytes. Eat spicy Thai soup. No idea why. Sweat it out, maybe?"

Lindsay: "Alka-Seltzer dropped in a glass of Pedialyte."

Francesca: "Eat a bagel with egg, bacon, salt, pepper, ketchup with a massive Gatorade!"

Marc: "Just say no. Don't drink on New Year's Eve. I promise you won't have to worry about a hangover tomorrow."

Nicole: "A monster breakfast burrito, always. If you're in L.A., try the chorizo avocado behemoth at Cofax Coffee Shop on Fairfax."

Jenna: "Pile on as many layers of clothing you can stand and hop on the treadmill. My dad is a firm believer in sweating out everything: hangovers, colds, etc. Scarf down Arby's or Taco Bell (or both!). Shower. Nap. This obviously can only be used when you have an entire day to recover. Oh, and if the room is spinning when you try and fall asleep, grab onto the wall or the headboard. Holding onto something solid stops the spins."

Other important things to remember:

1. Drink as much water as you can while drinking your booze. Try and "cancel out" each drink with a glass of water.
2. If you feel like throwing up, just let it happen. The longer you put it off, the worse it will be.
3. If you live in a state that legalizes weed or you can purchase for medicinal purposes, you can possess a killer hangover cure.
4. When in doubt, just sleep.
5. If you wake up and you feel great, more than likely you are just still drunk. The hangover will come. Just wait.

Note: If you are 21 years old, you can probably still party hard and not be hungover the next day so disregard all of this. For those of us pushing 30 or 35…godspeed.

Stay safe out there, kids! Drink responsibly.

(Originally published on Fri., May. 2, 2014 at 10:23 AM PDT)

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