Watch Shailene Woodley Cry While Getting Her Hair Cut for The Fault in Our Stars

"I'm afraid to look!" the actress says between sobs

By Cinya Burton May 01, 2014 5:12 PMTags

Let the sobfest commence!

No, this isn't another trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, though that would definitely cause seriously waterworks, this video is of Shailene Woodley, the star of that aforementioned book-turned-movie getting her hair chopped off for the role of cancer patient Hazel Grace.

Of course, we already knew about the haircut, since the 22-year-old debuted the pixie cut last August. And while she's been very happy about the results—gushing about her chin-length crop for months—the haircut itself was very emotional. The clip above shows that the star actually broke into real tears during the process.

"I have to see it! I have to see it!" She exclaimed after the first section had been snipped, adding: "I might cry so hard." Indeed, she does. "I just can't look yet…I'm so afraid to look," she explains, covering her face with her hands while her friends and family record the moment on their phones.

In the end though, when the tears are wiped away, the actress had a huge grin on her face as she exclaims: "This is so cool!" and takes a few snapshots with her mom.

The locks were donated to Children with Hair Loss.