Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Tourists on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!

Actress and TV host pop up in strangers' pictures in New York City

By Zach Johnson May 01, 2014 1:25 PMTags

Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon are master photobombers.

The actress, 41, and the TV host, 39, popped up in a number of tourists' pictures as part of a Tonight Show segment Wednesday. Taped last week, strangers were falsely led to believe that they were posing for NBC's Top of the Rock website. "What they didn't know was while they were getting their picture taken, me and Cameron Diaz were going to sneak up behind them," Fallon said. "It was so fun."

At various points throughout the photo shoot, the pair took selfies and posed like Charlie's Angels.

Most of the tourists were completely clueless—but a few caught Diaz and Fallon in action. To see how those fans reacted—and to see more of the duo's photobombing skills—watch the video above now!

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