Cosmopolitan Australia Kate Upton


Just call her the magazine cover queen!

Kate Upton showed off her famous curves on the cover of Cosmopolitan Australia's June 2014 issue in a tight, hot pink dress that not only flaunts her killer figure but also participates in the Mean Girls tradition of wearing pink on Wednesday (yeah, we know she wasn't really wearing it today but you know what we mean).

The blond bombshell gives a sweet and sultry look while playing with her luscious locks, flashing a gorgeous smile and accentuating her always-attention-grabbing cleavage.

Kate Upton, British Vogue

British Vogue

This seems to be a strong month for the model, who also snagged the cover of Vogue U.K.'s June 2014 issue.

The buxom blond posed in the Caribbean, putting her curves on display in a retro swimsuit, which brought another famous and curvy blond to mind—Marilyn Monroe.

"I always thought Marilyn was so beautiful and iconic. It was amazing to even be mentioned in the same sentence as her," says the budding actress, who stars in The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

"But I feel like nowadays it's easy to be genuine and show your personality, whereas I don't think Marilyn had that opportunity. And clearly she had a dark side, and I don't have that."

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