Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman


Joel Kinnaman seems to be holding it together.

The Swedish-born actor was back on the Vancouver set of The Killing yesterday and appeared to be in a great mood as news of his split from Olivia Munn after nearly two years of dating started making the rounds.

Kinnaman, who was on the big screen in Robocop earlier this year, shared a laugh with pregnant costar Mireille Enos, who—while we don't know how her expectant status is being used or worked around with regard to the show's plot—was camouflaging her baby bump under a flowing purple scarf.

That's when the dreary Seattle weather always featured so prominently in The Killing really comes in handy, right?

The Killing, Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos


Meanwhile, it's nice to see Enos and Kinnaman smiling after so many dour hours spent as homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder. 

But really, all they can do is laugh after their show, which debuted with so much fanfare on AMC back in 2011, has been put through the wringer the way it has.

The Killing lost a big chunk of its audience when frustrated viewers jumped ship after the first season ended on a cliff-hanger, instead of with the expected solving of the murder of teen Rosie Larsen. AMC pulled the plug after season two, only to bring it back for a third season and then cancel it again after the latest mystery was solved but plenty of questions were left unanswered.

Then Netflix came riding in with an order for six episode, and so The Killing lives again.

Kinnaman, 34, and Munn, 33, reportedly broke up some months ago, though they looked very cozy together on the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of RoboCop on Feb. 10. They started dating in March 2012.

Joel Kinnaman, Olivia Munn

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