Finger Trap


First came the thigh gap. And then came the bikini bridge. And now we have the finger trap, a fad that is currently taking over Weibo (a very popular social media site in China). It's also known as "Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method," which is really just slapping a nice coat over a very ugly dress.

What is the finger trap and how does it "test" beauty? Well, it's real simple. If you are able to place your index finger against your nose and have your lips touch that finger at the same time, you are beautiful. If your lips don't make contact with your finger, you are ugly. Weibo is littered with photos of people (mostly women) who are posting pics of themselves taking the test, and now it's starting to migrate over here. Of course, a lot of people see right through this finger trap business, which is promising.

So the worst part about this so-called measurement of physical attractiveness (besides the fact that it makes approximately zero sense), is that the guidelines are real iffy. Can the finger be at an angle? Can you purse your lips to make contact? Do you have to use your index finger? It's just a cornucopia of lies and confusion.

But the absolute best part about this test, and our solution to turning the finger trap into something positive, is one simple fact:

Everyone can make their finger touch their nose and mouth at the same time.



Try it yourself. Right now. Just press your finger to your face so you are smashing it to both your nose and mouth. Boom. You are beautiful. Don't try and put your finger in a perfect straight line or keep your lips from puckering. Just put your finger right up against your gorgeous nose and perfect mouth and say out loud: "I am freakin' beautiful."

There! You have completed the finger trap test. And you are gorgeous. So is everyone else in the world.

Problem solved.

(H/T HelloGiggles)

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