Frankie Muniz, Donald Sterling

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; AP Photo/Danny Moloshok

Malcolm is getting in the middle of the controversy surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling!

Shortly after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver imposed a lifetime ban on Sterling, former TV star Frankie Muniz weighed in on the situation and—perhaps jokingly—threw his name into the ring of those interested in buying the L.A. team.

The Malcolm in the Middle star wrote a lengthy Facebook post Tuesday saying he was "disgusted by the things said by Owner Donald Sterling" and calling the NBA's lifetime ban a "well warranted" punishment.

"Being a Clippers fan has never been easy, but this has tarnished the joy this season has brought to the fans who have stuck behind this team through thick and thin," he wrote. "The NBA Playoffs are an amazing experience, and it's a shame this cloud is hanging over them."

The 28-year-old self-described "die-hard Clippers fan" asked that others not take their frustrations out on the team. "When you boycott the Clippers, Donald Sterling is not the only to suffer," he explained. "The players do, the coaches do, all the Clippers staff does. The people working at the arena, selling hot dogs, taking tickets.. they suffer too. They shouldn't. Mr. Sterling should and we can only hope that the sanctions passed down onto him will cause that suffering."

"I hope the fans come out and continue to support this team. Help this team continue to win," he continued. "Show that everyone, all races, genders, can come together and BEAT his racist remarks. I believe the longer the team can win, the more this will remain a conversation in which we can continue to learn from and teach to ALL generations that actions like his will not be acceptable."

Later Tuesday afternoon, Muniz tweeted matter-of-factly, "I am buying the Los Angeles Clippers."

Hmm. If he's serious, he must be making a pretty penny off of those Malcolm in the Middle reruns!

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