Miranda Kerr Talks Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret Splits in Harper's Bazaar U.K.

Model graces the cover of the fashion magazine's June issue

By Peter Gicas Apr 30, 2014 3:45 PMTags
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It's been six months since Miranda Kerr split up with husband Orlando Bloom, and now the model has opened up about how she is coping with the end of their marriage.

"Everyone goes through challenging periods in their life. That's inevitable and it's part of being human," Kerr says in Harper's Bazaar U.K.'s June issue. "I feel like it's a daily process to be positive. It's something that's a choice and I have different tools, like meditation, even prayer - my grandmother taught me to pray when I was young - and just finding that inner peace."

But the Australian beauty, once again, insists that her breakup with Bloom is indeed an amicable one.


"Well, we are very good. We speak every day," she says. "We're really close, we're going to be a family forever and we both really do love each other."

That family, of course, includes their 3-year-old son, Flynn.

"We have genuine love and respect for each other," she adds. "We're very connected and I feel grateful for that. We created something beautiful together and we both remind ourselves how lucky we are to have that. And yeah, it's good. He's a great dad. I'm lucky."

Another split for Kerr came last year as well, when she parted ways with Victoria's Secret.

"It was a big chunk of time that I wasn't able to commit to because I'm a mother," she says of her decision to no longer be an Angel. "I used to be in two different countries every single week. I made a conscious decision to shift gears. I'm very much a people-pleaser at heart - I feel that if everyone else is happy, then I'm happy - but I'm learning the power of saying no and putting my foot down."