Seth Rogen, he's just like us!

In that he's a staunch admirer of Zac Efron's abdominal area, that is.

"They look good," the Neighbors star admitted to E! News last night at the premiere of his new comedy, costarring Efron, Rose Byrne and Halston Sage.

"If I looked like him, I wouldn't own a shirt," Rogen continued. "I would just look like that all the time. It's a glorious way to look."

Very cool of Rogen to be comfortable enough to admit that. But it's not as if the 32-year-old funnyman doesn't have his own cuddly cachet.

Zac Efron, Seth Rogen

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The world has greatly enjoyed his and James Franco's scantily clad "Bound 3," a parody of Kanye West's now widely interpreted "Bound 2" video featuring fiancée Kim Kardashian in which Rogen is memorably shirtless.

So we had to ask, does Rogen think that he and Franco might be unleashing another Kimye spoof on us one day?

Watch the clip and hear whether he thinks they've milked the couple's artistry for all its worth!

Meanwhile, Efron also opened up to us on the Neighbors red carpet, enough so that he was revealing how the sheer quantity of d--k jokes in the film had him concerned at first.

"I was like, 'Guys, we're going overboard.' There were...a lot of them are in the movie," the actor said. In the end, however, Efron added, "turns out you can get a movie through with a lot of d--k jokes."

It's a glorious way to go.

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