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Just because Seth Rogen went on record saying that Zac Efron has a "beautiful" penis, that doesn't mean the funnyman's actually seen his Neighbors co-star's junk—at least not all of it.

"I've seen like the root of it but not the rest," Rogen told me earlier this week at the L.A. premiere of Neighbors (in theaters on May 9). "The base, just the base."

Okie dokie.

Rogen and Efron went viral last week with a video in which the former High School Musical star whipped out his manhood to prove to the stars of Comedy Central's Workaholics that he's Jewish.

"There, see? Full circumcised," Efron says.

Neighbors, Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne

Glen Wilson/Universal Pictures

"Oh my god, it's amazing. It is f--king gorgeous," Rogen said. "Did Leonardo Di Vinci circumcise you? It's beautiful. Your balls have a six-pack! Put it away! Put it away, it's too nice!"

All this Rogen and Efron penis talk recently isn't at all that surprising. Neighbors is packed with phallic jokes and pranks (just ask Mr. Efron).

Rogen has more than one sex scene with Rose Byrne, who plays his wife in the flick.

"Seth and Rosie didn't care," director Nicholas Stoller said. "They were like, whatever."

"You just gotta dive in," Rogen said. "You can't over-intellectualize these things. You have to let the comedy the lead way."

And it certainly leads the way in Neighbors. The NSFW comedy had us laughing so much we're hoping for a sequel.

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