It's all fun and games until someone gives out their friend's phone number to millions of people. Well, six million people, to be exact.

That's exactly what Blake Shelton did to his fellow Voice coach/bromance partner-in-crime Adam Levine during Monday night's show of the NBC reality hit when he tweeted Adam's personal cell phone number. Mean? Yes. Hilarious. Duh.

But come on, would Blake actually give out Adam's real number? You better believe it! "I guarantee it is," host Carson Daly told E! News backstage after Monday's show.

However, one celeb's misfortune is a whole viewership's treasure as fans can expect to see a major prank war ensue between the bantering buds...

Shakira spilled to us that the Maroon 5 frontman is already plotting his move against the Country crooner, saying, "He better expect some revenge from Adam! It's going to get ugly!" (It's worth noting Shakira told us she "would never" give her number to Blake. Smart lady!)

And here's hoping Blake and Adam keep their hijinks between the two of them because Usher is so not down with the pranking. Like, at all.

"I'm not playing with Blake," he said. "He better not give my f--king number away. I'm not playing. [Laughs.]"

So what started this major prank war? A tweet, of course!

"@adamlevine… I just found the craziest thing in my phone!!! Your PERSONAL cell phone number… hope I'm not stupid enough to tweet it out…" the country artist teased before Monday's performance show. After Adam responded that he was "amazed" by Blake's "stupidity," and called his threat "cute," Blake released the number to the masses. "HEY EVERYONE!!! Here it is: [phone number] @adamlevine's CELL NUMBER! Think I'm kidding?" he tweeted. "Try calling it!! Bitch!!!"

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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