Robin Roberts Opens Up About Girlfriend Amber Laign on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—Watch Now!

"She's very very supportive and she's been right there beside me every step of the way," the GMA host said

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Watch: Robin Roberts Talks Coming Out on "Ellen"

It's been just over four months since Robin Roberts came out as gay in a Facebook post, and now the Good Morning America host is opening up about her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign, speaking candidly about their relationship in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

"We met on a blind date, it will nine years in July," Roberts says of her girlfriend, who stayed by her side after she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome which resulted in a medical leave of absence from GMA while she underwent a successful bone marrow transplant.

The 53-year-old anchor recently released her memoir, titled Everybody's Got Something, which chronicles her road to recovery and details the ways in which her astounding support system helped her through the hardest time of her life.

Ellen notes how Roberts reveals in her book that the two do not live with each other, joking, "I guess it would be hard because you wake up at 3 a.m. everyday and I wouldn't want to wake up to that either."

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"You talk about her a lot in the book," Ellen continued. "And yet she was living like a quiet kind of closed life."

"Well because she doesn't really like the spotlight," Roberts admitted. "She's here right now, I can't even get her to come out."

Cue Ellen's classic quip: "Well she came out, but's too late for that now"

"No, but you know not everybody wants to be in the spotlight," Roberts explained. "She's very, very supportive and she's been right there beside me every step of the way and it was actually the end of the year on my Facebook and I had been thanking my doctors, my nurses and my sister who was a perfect match and I said I want to say thank you."

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Roberts also thanked DeGeneres for being a "trailblazer," praising the talk show host for paving the way for others to come out.

"You have helped a lot of people like myself to have that discussion with their families because you are so well respected and loved and it's really helped a lot of us and I thank you for that."

As for the state of Roberts' health? 

"Strong like bull," she proudly proclaimed. "I am so thankful. I am so happy. I have never been this happy or healthy in such a long time."