JK Rowling

Tim Whitby/Getty Images

We are well aware that J.K. Rowling had a thing for wands and broomsticks, but who knew the Harry Potter scribe was also obsessed with high heels?  The author is so passionate about stilettos; she spent an entire Radio 4 segment chatting about the "myth and power" of footwear.

That's right, Victoria Beckham—you're not the only Brit with a high-heeled infatuation!

"Naturally, I'm not a pumps girl, I'm not a sensible flats girl," the 48-year-old explained, adding: "There does come a point when it gets a little bit ridiculous, you need to be able to walk the dog, and I do walk the dog, and I don't do that in stilettos."

Rowling dives deep into her history with strappy sandals during the hour-long program, sharing that her fashion awakening came hand-in-hand with her writing success, which subsequently, as we all know, lead to many red carpet appearances. But despite her self-admitted fetish, at most of her film premieres, her shoes have been hidden under couture gowns. The only hint of her obsession came in July 2009, when she donned an eye-popping pair of gold Christian Louboutin heels at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere.

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