You saw the term "mile high selfie" in the title and you came in here rip-roarin' and looking for something scandalous, didn't you? Well, if we're here for one thing, it's to disappoint our readers. 

The mile high selfie trend that's taken over Instagram recently has nothing to do with sex in the airport bathroom. While we're on the subject of that, does that sound remotely sexy to anyone? You should all know by now how many people touch the surfaces in there. It's like a public bathroom minus the space and triple the germs. But anyway...

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Flight attendants have been celebrating their #crewlife by posting selfies taken inside the airplane. Just troll hashtags like #galley and #flightattendant on Instagram and you'll see what we mean. Usually they include what airport they're at and where they're flying to in the caption as well. So if you're boarding a plane and the person in front of you is taking literally nine years to put their giant bag into the overhead compartment (wheels facing you, for the love of...) then maybe take the time to photobomb a mile high selfie.

Hey, if they have to deal with passengers all day, every day, then we don't blame them for doing something like taking selfies in order to have a little fun.

Other hashtags we bet flight attendants wish they could use regarding passengers:


Heather Poole, an 18-year flight attendant veteran, told The New York Post that she would never post a mile high selfie because of airlines' strict guidelines over their images.

"When I go to my Instagram feed and see [flight attendants] posting pictures in uniforms, I can't believe they do that," she said. "It's a big deal. The airlines protect their image, everything is very strict."

But according to the NY Post, most airlines are okay with selfies as long as the flight attendants aren't doing anything illegal and as long as their uniforms are in compliance with their rules.

So, just keep those roasted peanuts comin', and you know, keep doing that whole making sure hundreds of people are safe thing, and you flight attendants can take all the selfies you want.

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