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It was the fight that everyone was talking about—so what happened next?!

Last week, fans were shocked when a heated argument between Porsha Willliams and Kenya Moore escalated into a jaw-dropping brawl on The Real Housewives of Atlanta's annual reunion episode. (Click here to see how the moment ranked in the most shocking Real Housewives fights of all time!)

Now, seven days later, it's finally time to find out what happened after the I-can't-believe-she-did-that throwdown. In Sunday night's second part of the RHOA reunion, the housewives reflected on Porsha and Kenya's vicious smackdown, and who was really at fault for the altercation. 

Let's take a moment to refresh our Bravo-loving memories shall we? On part one of the ROAH reunion, tensions were high when Kenya kept putting a scepter Porsha's face and using a megaphone to hurl insults at maximum volume. Despite these taunting toys, Porsha was able to keep her cool, however everything escalated when Kenya accused Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband. Things got heated, insults were hurled, and eventually Porsha slapped Kenya with all her might. (Porsha also managed to cause a major nip slip!)

Following the tear-filled fight, Executive producer and host Andy Cohen asked Porsha to leave the reunion in order to "get some rest." Now, with all the women (minus Porsha) back on the couch, Andy asked Kenya to recap what happened.

Kenya recalled a blatantly biased story, which skewed the events of the evening in her favor, before repeatedly saying that Porsha should be fired from the series. "You don't put your hands on anyone and anyone who does should be punished and they should not be allowed to sit on the couch," she said.

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Wilford Harewood/Bravo

However, there was one housewife who was ready and willing to stand up for Porsha in her absence. NeNe Leakes, who already exclusively told E! Online that she believed the fight to be "really unfair," was quick to contest Kenya's version of the tale.

"That's how you saw it?" she snapped. "You were pointing that thing in her face, and you were also screaming through the bullhorn, and that's a violation. Even though you didn't hit her, that is a violation because you had it this close in her face." While many of the other housewives nodded in agreement, Nene added, "I'm just saying that you are not innocent." Oh snap!

Now it was time for Kenya to respond: "This is not about being innocent, okay? We're adults, we're women and we're able to sit on this couch be cause we can control ourselves. We fight with our words, I am one of the best at it," she boasted. "If you feel like you can't defend yourself after you tell lies or you say things or you don't want someone to have a response, then you don't need to be sitting here."

The former Miss USA ended her argument by saying, "Violence against women on any level is wrong."

Earlier this week, Porsha's rep told E! News, "She is charged with one misdemeanor count of simple battery stemming from an incident that occurred during the taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion episode." Yikes! Now sources are exclusively telling E! that it's "highly doubtful" that both Porsha or Kenya will return to the series next season.

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