Kids These Days: A Teenager Broke Up With His Girlfriend Using an Instagram Hashtag

A Georgia high schooler seemed to surprise his girlfriend with a breakup on #TransformationTuesday

By John Boone Apr 25, 2014 11:03 PMTags
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Text message breakups seem almost too compassionate compared to this:

A high schooler from Georgia (who goes by @cjkarl11 on Instagram) possibly broke up with his girlfriend using the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. The tag is mostly used to show off weight loss pictures or DIY projects, but C.J. used it to transform from having a girlfriend to being single.

His (uhhhh, ex?) girlfriend, @syd_ross, commented "is this your way of breaking up with me"

C.J. accumulated 20,000 followers on Instagram before deleting all his pictures and locking his Twitter account. @syd_ross deleted all of her social media accounts. But beforehand, C.J. was bragging about going viral:


Or maybe it was all just a joke:

"I go to school with the two in the picture. The picture and the comment were all a joke," an anonymous friend supposedly to Buzzfeed. "The couple had broken up months ago. It was funny until the picture went viral."

Yeah, well, the bikini bridge started as a joke and we all saw what happened with that. Now your feed will be filled with teenagers dumping each in 140 characters or less. #blessed