Well, this has officially gotten uncomfortable.

We've seen Elsa perform "Let It Go" 200,000,000 times (literally, that's how many views that YouTube clip has). We've seen Indina Mezel perform it countless times. We've seen men sing it in different voices and little girls sing Frozen while getting splinters removed. Where do we go from there? At this point, what else is left to see?!

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Hans dancing to "Thriller."

Nothing about this video make sense, except that Elsa is Michael Jackson (obviously). It was made by YouTuber NostalgicFangirl who, in the video's description, says, "Because reasons."

And here is Elsa doing "The Macarena." Why not? It's hilarious.

Everyone knows that if there was one thing missing from Frozen, it was violence. Where was the montage of Anna going on a shooting rampage and killing a bunch of cops? Thankfully(?), someone at created character mods of Elsa and Anna for Grant Theft Auto IV that remedy that.

Um, enjoy:

(WARNING: Video contains explicit language in the form of a "Let It Go" parody.)

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