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You know it's 2014 when an Instagram account appears in court docs.

Such is the case for Justin Bieber, who has been accused, but not yet charged, of egging his Calabasas, Calif. neighbor's home, and E! News has now obtained the police affidavit from the search warrant executed at Bieber's residence, which describes the incident in detail.

According to the surveillance video obtained by police, Detective Ginni Alvarez observed a white male who "resembled and who I will refer to as Suspect Bieber run from the direction of Victim Schwartz's residence and then up the driveway at Suspect Bieber's residence."

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The detective then said Bieber appeared to enter his residence, at which point several other males emerged from his garage door, and later ran down the driveway from his house in the direction of Schwartz's home. Other males were seen with Bieber "some appearing as if they were hiding behind the vehicles in the driveway while trying to maintain a view in the direction of Victim Schwartz's residence."

Shortly after, the detective witnessed Bieber run back to his residence, where he was approached by a group of males, "some of whom Suspect Bieber is observed 'high fiving.'"

"Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating," Alvarez added.

After Alvarez reviewed the video, the detective contacted Victim Schwartz to ask if he could provide more detail as to the attire Suspect Bieber was wearing during the incident.

The detective said that Victim Schwartz's daughter, Jessica, observed Bieber wearing the same attire in an Instagram photo he posted on the same day, which was emailed to Alvarez.

"I compared Suspect Bieber's attire in the Instagram photo to the attire Suspect Bieber was wearing in the surveillance video. I observed Suspect Bieber was in the same attire as accounted by Victim Jessica and depicted in the Instagram photo," Alvarez stated.

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As indicted in the court docs, Schwartz was at home when he heard unusual sounds coming from outside of his house. He and his daughter then stepped outside onto their second floor balcony and allegedly saw Justin Bieber throwing eggs at their home. A verbal altercation began as the suspect threw eggs at both victims before he walked back to his residence and went inside.

Police raided Justin Bieber's home following the egg-throwing incident after obtaining a search warrant in order to look for evidence linking the Biebs (or any of his friends) to the egging scandal. The Biebs cell phone was also taken by police after the raid.

Following the police investigation, Bieber's BFF Lil Za was arrested for felony drug possession. The Biebs has not been charged.

Meanwhile, Justin's legal woes continue to plague the pop star. He was finally allowed to leave LAX airport yesterday after being detained for nearly four hours by U.S. Customs when he arrived on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo.

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