Julie Bowen's Twitter followers received quite the tweet from the Modern Family star when she wrote on Thursday, "How do you know when you have herpes? Asking for a friend."

Wait, what?!

Fortunately, "friend" did not actually refer to the 44-year-old actress. What's more, the tweet itself was simply a joke. Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel.

You see, when Bowen appeared on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, she wound up playing a game called "Tweeter Totter."

The way it worked was Bowen and Kimmel rode a teeter totter, as a wheel with a variety of phrases was spun. When the wheel stopped, whoever was at the top of the teeter totter was forced to tweet whatever phrase the wheel landed on.

Sure enough, Bowen lost the first round, resulting in the aforementioned tweet being posted.

Round two also went to Kimmel, and Bowen had to then send Pope Francis the following, "@Pontifex What's your problem?"

Thankfully, she survived the final round (with a little help from Guillermo), which meant Kimmel was left tweeting, "(-*) that's my butt."

Who knew tweeting could be so fun? Or so embarrassing?

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