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Well, this has been a crazy week, hunni! A lot of people have been asking me if it's been tough getting through dancing rehearsals this week when everyone is talking about that Real Housewives of Atlanta fight. But the truth is, it hasn't been difficult for me at all!

I have been able to balance my schedule with Dancing with the Stars and doing the press for Housewives and so it has worked out for me. I do this every year with Housewives. Obviously people are going to ask about the reunion—and I'm fine with it—and here's my take.

In my opinion, it was super negative.

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I would say that's the way they want it to be—to be negative. I can't see them wanting it any other way. The fight happened, and that was really unfortunate, but I just think that it's unfair to provoke people, and then think it's OK.

It was not fair. They allowed somebody to come in, and to bring in props to point at them, and scream through the horn. I mean, it was just not cool. I'm not surprised at the number of people that commented on it. It was negative, and I don't think that people tune into the Housewives of Atlanta for negativity.

I do believe that people tune into the Housewives to get a good read, or to see our fabulosity, or women shade one another, or be smart with one another, but I don't think they tune in to see a fist fight.

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But, that's all done now. For all my fans who keep asking about my reunion dress: I wore Marc Bower, and he sent the dress to me, which I was happy to wear. I was super tired because I had flown in from Dancing With the Stars to sit through that reunion, and then hop right back on an airplane—so it was a tough show to do.

And now… on with the show! Oooh I had so much fun in this week's salsa, but I've got to be honest, hunni, I thought it was a good performance, but I honestly did not think it was our best. I thought the foxtrot, the rumba were some of our better dances. I had a good time doing the salsa. (And I was sweatin'!) I just think that we could have done so much better. I'm my biggest critic though, so know that.

But I was so happy to get to dance with my man, Greg, a little big this week. And guess what? It was all Tony's suggestion! He felt like Greg has traveled out here with me to do Dancing with the Stars, and he's been here the whole time supporting me, and that we could include him in the dance.

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Greg has been so amazing through all of this. I never dance with him at home while I'm on this show, because we dance all day long and night, and we are exhausted. By the time I see Greg, I don't have any more energy left to lift my leg! But I must say that Dancing with the Stars has encouraged me and I will continue to dance even after this whole experience is over.

Now, as for next week—get ready, hunnis because it's Latin Week and we're doing the tango! The tango is along the lines of the foxtrot and the rumba. It's veeeeeeery sexy! Tony and I are planning to tell a story with our dance, so it's a very sexy dance, a very classic dance, a very grown-up dance, so I think it fits in perfectly.

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Nene Leakes, DWTS


For Latin week, Ricky Martin is our guest judge and Ricky's in the entertainment business. He's a performer and a singer and I think he'll really understand a dancer that comes out and entertains. So if anything, I want to entertain him and hopefully get his support.

To My Fans… Please tune into Dancing with the Stars and please vote for Tony and me. I mean, we really want to stay in the competition! Partnership wise, we're really strong, and we wanna get a little bit competitive so we wanna step up our game a little bit, hunni and really let some of the other contenders in the competition that we're competitors and we're serious about being here!

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. The second half of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs Sunday on Bravo.

(As told to Leanne Aguilera)

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