Lindsay Lohan, Chatty Man

Courtesy Chatty Man

Lindsay Lohan has some skills!

While appearing on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show this week, the 27-year-old actress tried to teach host Alan Carr how to pole dance.

LiLo, who was dressed in a black dress and polka-dot heels, took an impressive swing around the pole with ease. Lohan was all smiles while showing off her pole dancing chops (Lohan played a stripper in the 2007 film I Know Who Killed Me). After her turn, Carr tried and failed on the stripper pole. LOL!

During her appearance, Lohan also opened up about her OWN documentary and admitted she was hesitant about filming so soon after her last rehab stay.

Lindsay Lohan, Alan Carr, Chatty Man


"I did think that [it was scary] for a minute as I kind of panicked and thought, 'Wait, I need a few minutes by myself' as it was overwhelming," she said. "But it was good for me to be on a schedule and having to be diligent and showing up and present and on time. But at first, yeah, it was really scary. I didn't realize it was going to be how it was either; I'd never done something like that. Cameras around constantly."

Lohan added that OWN mentor Oprah Winfrey has helped her a lot, saying, "She's really, like, meditative and peaceful. She brings a really good energy with her that's helped me in life."

As for how her last rehab stay was different from her prior ones, Lohan said, "It involved a lot more meditation and spiritual work and that's what I was like I found something that worked for me. You know you have to find your own [path] in life in general and I think that's why I enjoyed it and got something out of it."

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