Parenthood, Beauty and the Beast, Revolution, The Mentalist


It's almost May, TV fans, and you know what that means: renewals and cancellations.

As if trying to plan the best season finale possible isn't enough for TV series to worry about, they also have to sweat it out over whether or not they'll be picked up for next season.

While some shows have already received early pickups (CBS renewed 18 of its series in one fell swoop, while the CW picked up five dramas), there are still 25 shows on the chopping block.

The five major networks are set to make their final decisions in early May when they unveil their fall lineups at the Upfront presentations in New York City.

So which shows are seriously in danger of being axed? And which ones are all but renewed?

We're running down the renewal odds for bubble shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Beauty and the Beast, Trophy Wife, Revolution and more. Spoiler alert: things are not looking good for two Fox sitcoms, while a few of the CW's new dramas should be a little nervous as well, even if they have a fan in William Shatner (he's taken to live-tweeting some of the network's shows).

Click through our new gallery below to get the latest update on 25 bubble shows and find out whether they're likely to be renewed or canceled come May...

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