Park and Recreation

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Tonight, Parks and Recreation blew us away with a series finale-worthy ending to a stellar season. Honestly, all other TV shows on the air, you could really learn a thing or two from this perfect comedy. Meanwhile, Grey's Anatomy revealed yet another baby bombshell and The Vampire Diaries killed one of their most dynamic characters. All this and more in tonight's edition of OMG TV Moments!

Parks and Recreation: Now THAT'S how you do a finale! Tonight's P-Rex finale was filled with everything we could have ever hoped and dreamed for jammed into their star-studded, hour-long finale. Seriously what other show could bring in first lady Michelle Obama, Megan Mullally, Lucy Lawless, Jenny Slate, Mo Collins, Ben Schwartz, Henry Winkler, Duke Silver, and Jon Hamm in for a cameo? (Or should we say Hammeos?! Sorry. That was horrible.)

So here's what you need to know: The Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert was a massive success (Does anyone know where we can get one of those pizza burgers?!) and the festival helped rally the citizens to finally approve of the merger. Kudos to whoever came up with the hologram of Lil Sebastian!  Tom's restaurant opening was a huge success, April reunited Mouse Trap, and Ron is finally free from the Tammy spell of evil. As for our favorite parks employee? With Ben's blessing, and the FLOTUS' encouragement, Leslie agreed to take the National Parks Department job. Sounds too good to be true right? Just you wait, we're not finished!

The last three minutes offered fans a HUGE twist: The series time-jumped three years ahead! Leslie convinced the National Parks big-wigs to let her stay in Pawnee and she is now a successful and thriving woman who can do it all. Her three children are beautiful, natch, and Ben now has some sort of fancy-schmancy job, we're just not quite sure what it is yet. Oh and Jerry-turned-Larry is now named Terry. To paraphrase Craig: "Everybody call us Kristen because we are Wiiging out right now!"

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Grey's Anatomy

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Grey's Anatomy: Ooooh baby! It's unfortunate that Jackson and April have been fighting so much about how to raise their hypothetical children, because guess what?! April has a bun in that cute little oven. Alex finally made his decision about Dr. Butthole's offer, and it looks like our dashing doctor is officially leaving GSM behind and moving on to a private practice. (Another spinoff?!)

Meanwhile, on what was supposed to be a celebratory trip to Boston, Webber discovered that Cristina was, in fact, supposed to win the Harper Avery Award. Apparently her winning would've been a conflict of interest for the Harper Avery Foundation, which is part owner of GSM. Not cool, you guys—Cristina deserved that award! So when Webber came back and revealed to Cristina why she did not win, we could practically see the light bulb in her brain switch on with a realization: While she's at HSM, Cristina will never ever be able to win. 

Reign Greer's fiancé is just about as good as a man can get. Not only did Lord Castleroy tell Greer's father that his lady is "priceless" he also refused to accept a dowry for her hand in marriage because he knew full-well that their family had no money. Adding to his greatness, Castleroy also offered to give money for each of Greer's sisters to use as dowries, and made the deal that Greer will have final approval of her sister's husbands. Hey, Lord Castleroy! Do you have a brother?

Bash and Kenna were finally moving in the affectionate direction, but it was beyond obvious to everyone, including Kenna, that Bash is still hung up on Mary. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was named the Queen of England and Francis made a deal with the Mary's uncle, The Duke, in order to save Mother's mother and the country of Scotland. But then crazy King Henry revealed that he was going to invade Scotland with his own army! By the end of the episode, Francis left for Scotland after she and her husband had yet another blistering argument about how their countries are coming before their marriage. 

The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries: We're very sorry to tell you this, bromance lovers, but Enzo is dead. Yes, just as Damon finally found his first post-Alaric bestie, his brother Stefan just had to rip his heart out—literally! Remember that girl, Maggie, that Enzo has been searching to find for years and year? Well it turns out that Damon accidently killed this gal a long time ago, and when Enzo found out his best bud's act of betrayal, he turned off his humanity switch and started attacking everything in sight.

Stefan, in an effort to save everyone he loves, ripped out Enzo's heart, thus banishing him to the other side. But just because Enzo is dead, doesn't mean he's gone. Our dearly departed vamp will now be a "ghost villain" hell-bent on getting his revenge against the Salvatore brothers. All together now: dun dun duuuuun!

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