Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George

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It's not easy to steal the spotlight from Kate Middleton and Prince William, but Prince George managed to do just that on his first ever royal tour.

The 9-month-old heir to the throne's visit helped to underscore the ties between the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and he even managed (remarkably) not to have a single meltdown caught on camera!

Is the future king's happy demeanor a testament to the duke and duchess's parenting skills? Perhaps Georgie's nap schedule stayed right on cue despite the time change, or maybe event photographers didn't mind turning a blind eye if they happened to witness a fussy moment. Maybe, though, Prince George really is as perfect as he seems! 

Here, though, are 6 things we learned for sure about young G from his time Down Under!

Prince George, Kate Middleton, Prince William

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1. He's adorable! Those cheeks! That little smile! The way he's resting his head on his mummy's shoulder! If your ovaries haven't exploded already, you might be immune to baby fever.

Prince George, Faces

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2. He's Gonna Be a Mighty King: He's not working on his roar quite yet (that's a Lion King reference, for any wildebeests reading along), but George is developing and growing right before our eyes! During a playdate in Wellington, New Zealand, Kate revealed that her little man now eats solid foods and even has four or five teeth coming in. He's also been sleeping well and through the night, with dad usually giving him his nighttime bottle to help out!

He's a sociable kid and natural-born leader, too. Grant Collinge, whose family attended the event, told the local TV program One News that the royal tot was "bubbly, a little bit feisty, too, but a very friendly baby," explaining that G, "sort of took control went into the middle of the circle, hunted out the biggest toy, propped himself up, and he owned the place basically."

Grace Farrelly, Prince George

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3. He's already a hit with the ladies! OK, not exactly shocking, but the girls are already chasing the most eligible baby bachelor in the world. William acknowledged that the family had "a fair few babies touted to us," but the littlest prince hasn't accepted any of those marriage proposals just yet (he's waiting to pop the question to our future daughter in 2043).

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Prince George

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4. He loves animals! You'd be surprised how many people out there have no souls aren't fond of cuddly creatures! But George, who's growing up right alongside the family dog Lupo, clearly has an affinity for animals. At the Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Easter Sunday, he met a bilby (an endangered type of marsupial) named in his honor. G showed no fear as he reached for the rabbit-like animal and would've pet his ear (gently, of course) if mum hadn't pulled him back!

PHOTO: Kate Middleton wears Mindy Kaling's dress!

Duchess Catherine, Prince William, Prince George, Kate Middleton

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5. He's a Trendsetter: What, you didn't know kangaroo backpacks were the new thing for kids under 2?! George kicked off that fad, when his dad was seen carrying the cute, furry backpack as the family boarded a plane bound for New Zealand. The backpack, available on Australian Koala Foundation's website, sold out almost instantly. What's next on the toddler fashion front? Let's go with sailboat smocked dungarees and basic blue.

Prince George of Cambridge, Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton


6. He Loves Kate's Hair: He's a royal, but he's only human. How could anyone not love those luscious locks?! Here's hoping Georgie takes after mummy in that department. If he doesn't, though, dad's doing just fine with what he's got, and Uncle Prince Harry showed the world that gingers not only have souls, but they can be sexy, too!

Until next time, Georgie.

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