Ginnifer Goodwin has a pregnancy glow and a newlywed glow!

The Once Upon a Time actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, where she opened up about her recent wedding to co-star Josh Dallas (as first reported by E! News) and her impending due date. The appearance marked the first time the TV star openly addressed her pregnancy and marriage.

Goodwin, who didn't reveal her baby's gender, said her firstborn is kicking like crazy. "There's like a Cirque de Soleil performance," she said, pointing to her belly. "It's like alien stuff." She said strangers haven't been rubbing her bump. "I was told that people would be coming up on the streets and just manhandling me, but I've been spared. I have been!" She then joked, "I feel a little less loved, but..."

Regarding her wedding, Goodwin said, "We wrapped production on Once Upon a Time two weeks ago, and a couple days later I was wed in Venice, Calif. I married Prince Charming. We're both southern, so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding. I was afraid I would fall over. I don't know what I was thinking." She then asked host Jimmy Kimmel, "Am I the most pregnant guest you've ever had?"

"Let's see," he said, pondering for a moment. "No, the Octomom!"

"No, then definitely she's more pregnant. That's amazing," the star said, laughing. "That's impressive."

Kimmel said her baby will have the "greatest" surname. "Naming a child, though, with the last name of Dallas is a little more complicated," Goodwin explained. They refuse to pick a "first name that begins with a D," she said, "because it gets porn-y. And nothing geographical because it sounds like an airport." Dallas, however, had hoped otherwise. "He was like, 'Boy or girl, Austin Dallas.' I was like, 'That is an actual place where planes land. We can't do that,'" the Something Borrowed star said.

"You're wrong," Kimmel corrected her. "It is not. It would have to be a very, very big plane."

Kimmel asked his guest if her parents were mad that she got pregnant before the wedding. "No," she replied. "We may be southern, but it's also the first grandchild, so they're not only ecstatic that I'm pregnant but they're all coming back out here in a couple of weeks to just camp out and wait."

Shifting the conversation back to her wedding, Goodwin revealed that her childhood rabbi performed the ceremony. She walked down the aisle wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress. "I know this is probably the most annoying thing someone can say, especially because I'm eight months pregnant...but it was the most stress-free, relaxing, beautiful day," she recalled. "We hired a wedding planner to help us because we were in Canada planning this thing, and she called me crying on the morning of our wedding. Great, great, great on the morning of our wedding! And she said, 'My car has been robbed.'"

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"'What could be in the car that actually would matter?' And she's saying, 'I've been on the phone with people in Israel,' and I'm like, 'Okay, the rabbi was not kidnapped.' And she says, 'I've sent people to art supply stores.' I'm like, 'Well, if my dress was stolen, I can just bring a sheet or something. I will be fine.' And she says your ketubah is missing—the ketubah is a Jewish wedding contract, and you have them made by artists and they're all in Hebrew and it's your religious contract—and she says it's stolen. Who cares about our wedding contract? That's a big Twitter pic or something."

Goodwin told her planner not fret—everything would work out before the ceremony. "The rabbi's at a hotel—I'm sure there's stationery there," she assured her. "We'll be fine. This is not a big deal."

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"By the time we get off the phone, I have messages from my representatives who say—this sounds like a joke—two Jews were walking down the street in Hollywood, found a piece of paper in the middle of the street, read Hebrew, knew that the 13th of Nissan was like the 12th of April, and that it therefore might be important that we get this piece of paper back with my name on it, Googled who represents Ginnifer Goodwin, found my reps at home on a Saturday, and got us back our wedding ketubah."

Kimmel joked that he would have reported the men for alleged theft, but Goodwin laughed and said she di the opposite. "We sent them flowers," she remembered. "We said, like, 'You're a mensch.'"

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