Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is back in L.A. and back to her routine.

Fresh from a trip to Louisiana for her future sister-in-law's wedding, Ashton Kutcher's pregnant fiancée was spotted leaving a pilates studio today in workout gear.

Kunis kept her growing baby bump cozy (and her post-workout body temp stable) in a dark hoodie, worn over a green top and cropped exercise pants that showed off her shapely bottom half.

She was wearing a ponytail holder that had probably been put to good use holding her hair back while she worked up a sweat around her left wrist, and sported one of those de rigeur fitness trackers on her right.

The 30-year-old actress was holding an anxioxidant-packed juice and her iPhone as she headed out of class.

Kunis is also a fan of spinning and prenatal yoga, having more or less tipped off inquiring minds when she was spotted at just such a class before it was revealed that she was expecting.

In her quest to keep fit, she appears to be indulging her pregnancy cravings in a healthy fashion as well, mixing up her burger date nights with home-cooking and fresh produce and snacks like the juice she enjoyed today.

Kunis was seen stopping by a falafel place after pilates, another nutritious choice for the mama-to-be.

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