Avril Lavigne has found herself on the receiving end of criticism, following the release of her latest music video.

The 29-year-old pop star released the music video for her single "Hello Kitty" on Tuesday but the clip was taken down almost as quickly as it was uploaded, presumably, due to the controversial content, which has received a considerable amount of backlash with many calling the singer "racist."

However, the clip has since reappeared on YouTube today, and thus far, has received a total of 702 "dislikes" in terms of its disapproval rating while only receiving 473 "likes" (not a good sign, girl).

The video shows Avril prancing around in a crazy tutu while randomly yelling out Japanese phrases as an army of Asian dancers bust a move (every minute or so) behind her.

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Unsurprisingly, some found the content to be offensive.


Billboard slammed the "trainwreck" video for its "Japan fetishization" calling out Lavigne for "parading around with four identical, creepily expressionless Asian women...performing mind-numbingly generic dance moves, in locales like a bedroom, a candy store and a street."


Meanwhile, Lavigne has yet to comment on the controversy and previously told Digital Spy that the song is both "flirtatious and somewhat sexual" and is "genuinely about my love for Hello Kitty as well!" 

Many may beg to differ.

What do you think of Avril's latest music video? Tell us in the comments.

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