Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux


Jennifer Aniston can have her Cake and her man, too!

Justin Theroux paid another visit to his fiancée on the Los Angeles set of her latest movie today, the couple spotted heading off together for lunch this afternoon in between scenes. In perhaps an attempt to go incognito, Aniston's brimmed hat was pulled down to shield her face, but...

Major stars just can't fool the paparazzi that easily, you know?

Aniston may have been wearing her own lounge clothes or yet another one of the super-nondescript outfits she's been sporting for her role in Cake as a woman who survived a traumatic car accident but lives with chronic pain. 

Jennifer Aniston


A girl in her support group, played by Anna Kendrick, commits suicide and Aniston's character pursues a connection with the woman's widower (Sam Worthington).

Although she's been hard at work for weeks now, Aniston has also been making the most of Theroux's time back in L.A. since his return from New York, where he was shooting the upcoming HBO drama The Leftovers for a month. The pair also enjoyed together-time in NYC together last month.

She also skipped the MTV Movie Awards on April 13, though she would have gone home a winner for Best Kiss for her smooch with Emma Roberts in We're the Millers.

Considering the heavy subject matter of the indie drama she's currently shooting, Aniston probably appreciates being able to take a break. And sure enough, we're told that she appeared to be in a good mood when she got back from lunch.

—Additional reporting by Michelle Falls

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