Robert De Niro may have a film and TV career spanning 50 years, but the 70-year-old Oscar winner recorded his first Vine video just this week!

De Niro recently encountered the social media app while playing with 2014 Tribeca Film Festival judge (and famous Vine video taker) Jerome Jarre's phone.

In the video, captioned, "ROBERT DE NIRO'S FIRST 6 SECOND FILM!" De Niro looks into the lense somewhat perplexed and says, "What happened to my iPhone?"

Jarre pokes his head into frame and says, "What are you doing with my Vine? My Vine account?"

Robert Deniro, Vine



We imagine the Vine video occurred behind the scenes during the Tribeca Film Fest, which De Niro helped found years ago.

One thing's for sure: the video is nothing less than amazing and perfectly hilarious.

Watch it for yourself.

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