Who Rocked the Bikini Style Best? Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and More!

Vote on these similar styles

By Karen Mizoguchi Apr 23, 2014 10:30 PMTags
Padma Lakshmi, Eva LongoriaINF/Splash

Now here's a fun way to warm up to bikini season. First: See what popular styles stars are donning right now. Second, just for kicks, vote on which version of the look you like best.

Some examples? Sofia Vergara always looks like a complete bombshell whenever she sports a monokini but then again so does Beyoncé. The Modern Family star recently wore a flourescent swimsuit in Australia while the Grammy winner went with a simple black one. So really it just comes down to if your like a classic color or a bold neon effect. Because let's be honest, whatever style of swimwear these celebs are wearing, they all look hotter than the sun.

Vote on which bikini style you prefer below.