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With amazing TV secrets! You didn't think we'd actually try and ruin your Monday, did you? Rise and shine fellow television obsessed fans, it's time to start the week off with smile-inducing spoilers from some of your favorite shows.

We've got an exclusive update from Pretty Little Liars' Marlene King on the future fate of our beloved drama (Hint: a BIG dream could be coming true!) and details on some new character coming to Teen Wolf, Mad Men, and Sleep Hollow. Plus, Castle wedding updates, upcoming drama on Fargo and so much more!

Jane: Please give me the deets on my newest vampire jam, The Originals.
A new lady is coming to the quarter to join one of the warring factions! Gia is described as a beautiful, soulful, edgy rocker girl who left home at an early age due to her rocky upbringing and is drawn to the New Orleans music scene. Whether she's a vampire, a werewolf, just plain human, or something entirely different has yet to be seen. 

Matthew: Loved the Fargo premiere on FX! Are the next few episodes worth watching?
Definitely! We are so obsessed, do'ntchaknow!? The story really starts to go off the rails in the next episode, and the suave insanity of Billy Bob Thornton's character is not to be missed. In this week's episode, you'll see how poor Lester "cleans up" his mess (Spoiler alert: He has a gunshot wound to the hand which is uncomfy as all get out, fer sure), and if you think pretty much every officer in Minnesota is an incompetent idiot, save for our main girl, Molly, well, yer darn tootin'! WATCH THIS SHOW.

Elizabeth M.: I'm in a serious slump in between Teen Wolf seasons. I will literally take any scoop you have on season 4.
scoop? OK, you asked for it... Get ready to meet a new hired gun, named Fahey. He's in his late 30's and he's described as "frightened, yet masculine." As for who hired him as a gun, we don't know yet. However, we do know that apparently Fahey has got some explaining to do, Lucy-style, and you'll meet him in episode six! 

Pretty Little Liars, Finale

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

McKenna G.: I'm dying without my weekly dose of Pretty Little Liars! I need a Rosewood update ASAP!
You had better be sitting down for this one, because we've got some BIG news for you—well actually it's some big screen news! We all know that PLL fans want to end the series with a jaw-dropping, mystery-filled movie, and guess what? So does creator Marlene King! "That's always been the ultimate goal, is that it ends its life in one medium and starts another life on film. I love that." And the showrunner exclusively spilled to E! that she doesn't want this to be a made-for-TV movie. We're talking the silver screen, people! "Oh we want an in-theaters film! Big, big, big opening weekend, with all those Pretty Little Liars fans are coming out. It would be so much fun. And we'd get to do so much like big stuff too," she smiled. Let's make it happen, little liars!

Lauren P.: I miss Sleepy Hollow so much. Got any season 2 scoop? 
Yep! There's a new sheriff in town, and she's kind of a far cry from Corbin. Described as "smart, forceful, highly trained and commanding but also has a warm and maternal side," Sheriff Vasquez apparently used to live in Sleepy Hollow before moving to Texas to work for the U.S. Border Patrol. We hear that's not a very chill job, so we're thinking she's not going to be very tolerant of the headless time-traveling supernatural nonsense that's taken over the town as of late. We'll see how that goes. 

Nicolette: All I want is an update on the Caskett wedding. Are we getting closer to walking down the aisle on Castle?
We're so close we can practically hear those wedding bells ring! One of the most important parts of a wedding (ya know, beside the bride the groom, the rings, the vows, etc.) are the flowers, of course! Luckily, in tonight's all-new episode "That '70s Show" Martha has taken it upon herself to be queen of the petals. Unfortunately her ideas—like an huge portrait of our beloved couple made entire out of flowers—are not exactly what Castle and Beckett had in mind for their big day.

Mad Men, Elisabeth Moss

Jordin Althaus/AMC

Scott: No gonna lie, the premiere of Man Men was kind of a yawn. Please tell me that things are going to get a lot more interesting.
Don't you worry, things are going to get pretty sticky for Don Draper this year, especially towards the end of the season. We saw that there are plenty of new character who have joined the SC&P universe, and later we'll be meeting another VIP. Richard Burghoff is a confident, self-made man who is equal parts handsome and warm. Although we're not going to meet this man for quite some time—trust us when we tell you, he's worth the wait. We're not going to reveal who this character cozies up to, but many Mad Men fans will be pleased.

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