Wu-Tang Clan, Andre Johnson

Lloyd Bishop/NBC, YouTube

After two days, the Wu-Tang Clan has finally responded to rapper Andre Johnson's suicide attempt—and it's insane. 

Johnson cut off his penis early Wednesday morning and jumped off the second story of a North Hollywood building, police confirmed to various media outlets. The 40-year-old was found lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is still currently being treated at the hospital.

Johnson was affiliated with Northstar, a group which was signed to Wu-Tang productions 10 years ago, according to the group's representative.

Here are the best (or worst?) excerpts from the Wu-Tang clan's statement:

—"We dug further only to find that this person had in fact worked with and may have been loosely affiliated with actual legitimate Wu lineage . Either way neither one of these persons of interest were easily recognizable to any of us here on this end charged in forwarding,furthering, curating and Branding the Wu experience and preserving the bANDs Musical legacy"

—"Besides who cuts their D--k off ? and jumps off a balcony ? Guess Old Habits DONT die HARD.LOL no pun intended..Thats not A WUTANG style we are familiar  with over here"

—"Even Old dirty Bastard burning with Gonorrhea didn't cut his d--k off and by all accounts he was one Crazy motherf--ker !!"

—"We loved every bit of his brilliant Craziness... and his problems the good bad and ugly ..But Cutting Off your d--k and jumping off the balcony is Just Not the WuTang Way its just something we don't and wouldn't do round here nor do we condone such actions"

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—"You must protect the LiGHTSABER"

—"With all due respect Hopefully That brother gets help cause he's gonna need it ..Maybe he can get Counseling with Lorena Bobbitts X husband to help him along the way"

—"I hear it wont rejuvenate itself and is not re attachable ..More important Maybe he will lay off what ever DRUGS he was on ,cause I sure as hell hope he wasn't straight"

—"And to the kids this is your brain on drugs and the results there of ,be wise, stay in school, choose your friends carefully and don't mess with Drugs ... DRUGS are for Suckers"

The statement was signed, "#WULIFE ..PEACE ..WISE AND CIVILIZED .."


—Reporting by Marcus Mulick

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