Scandal, Bloopers


Brace yourselves, you're about to watch some Scandal bloopers. Yes, even on the super serious and secretive set of Scandal the ever-lovable flub happens.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes brought a tongue and dance-filled blooper reel with her for Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Behind the Scandalabra" special and they are everything you hoped they would be. There's awkward dancing, strange faces, yelling, curses and flubbed lines. Even a pie is involved. Yes, a pie.

Guess those fast-paced speeches aren't so easy after all!

The biggest (and best) revelation: Bellamy Young's favorite f-word is fart! Check out the video above for set malfunctions, forgotten names and lines, Voldemort struggles and more in the blooper reel.

Scandal ended its third season with a bang. Warning, spoilers below! Olivia (Kerry Washington) quit Olivia Pope and Associates and flew off into the sunset with Jake (Scott Foley). Harrison (Columbus Short) found out Papa Pope's (Joe Morton) master plan and had a gun to his head and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) won the election, but his son was murdered—by Papa Pope! And Papa Pope was put back in charge of B613  and is keeping Maya Pope/Marie Wallace (Khandi Alexander) in the hole.

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