Ian Somerhalder Steps Out With a New Lady—Get the Exclusive Details!

Source tells E! News, "They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening."

By Bruna Nessif Apr 18, 2014 12:58 AMTags
Ian Somerhalder, Bryn Mooser, Ryan Magnunsem, Molly SwensonMatt Sayles/Invision for DETAILS Magazine/AP Images

Could this be a new couple alert?!

Hunky actor Ian Somerhalder was spotted stepping out to some events in Los Angeles last night alongside a female date that E! News has identified to be Molly Swenson. The Vampire Diaries star and his lady friend first stopped at the Details Magazine party at 41 Ocean in Santa Monica.

Somerhalder and Swenson weren't overly affectionate but remained close the entire night, an eyewitness tells E! News, and the celeb made sure to introduce her to everyone that came by to chat.

After the mag event, the pair went off to a cocktail party hosted by Treats! magazine honoring cover star Dylan Penn at the legendary Beverly Hills home of James Goldstein.

A source tells E! News that Somerhalder arrived around 11 p.m. with three other people. "Ian got off the golf cart, and was wearing a leather jacket and his hair was tousled underneath a cap. As he was walking towards the steps of Club James, he was greeted by two people from the event who introduced himself. They shook hands with Ian smiled, and began ushering the group inside."
The source added, "Two of Ian's friends were in front and Ian and his date were following closely behind casually holding hands. They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening."

Although the twosome seemed close (and have posed for Instagram pictures together in the past), E! News learns that Swenson is the COO of a production company called RYOT News, which Ian is on the advisory board for, along with Olivia Wilde and Sophia Bush.

So...just friends?