Elton John has ended his two-year feud with George Michael the same way he started it--very, very publicly.

The Rocket Man went on the British talk show Parkinson Friday, claiming he has finished swapping headline-grabbing barbs with his fellow aging pop star.

"George and I are fine," he told host Michael Parkinson, the U.K.'s answer to Oprah (sans the time-consuming humanitarian work). "He came and stayed down my house last year. We're fine."

John prompted the spat in 2004, around the same time, it's worth noting, that the outspoken singer lashed out at "piggish" Taiwanese paparazzi and spouted off against the hypocrisy of Madonna for allegedly lip-synching before picking up an award for best live act.

The knighted singer then turned his ire to the former Wham! frontman, calling Michael "miserable" and saying "he's quite happy just being at home all the time and I think that's a waste of talent. There seems to be a deep-rooted unhappiness in his life and it shows on his latest album."

Michael quickly retaliated, issuing an open letter to the veteran performer.

"Elton John knows nothing about George Michael," he said, referring to himself in the third person. "We have spoken rarely in the last 10 years and what would probably surprise most people is that we have never discussed my private life."

Earlier this year, Michael pinpointed John's remarks as the beginning of Michael's downfall at the hands of the media, saying the comments made him "really vulnerable to the press," something that culminated in photos of him spending the night in his car on several occasions earlier this year, one instance of which led him to being arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

While John claims the blame game is behind them both, a bit of friendly teasing is clearly still allowed.

The 43-year-old "Careless Whisper" singer was photographed last month emerging, per Britain's ITV News, from a notorious "gay sex haunt" in London's tony Hampstead Heath neighborhood, a picture that didn't go unreferenced in John's interview.

"George is great," he said. "I haven't seen him since Hampstead Heath."

Asked to further elaborate on his thoughts on Michael's recent behavior, John finally took the high road.

"I'd rather keep my mouth shut...It's up to him what he does with his life and I don't really want to get into that anymore."

Of course, the frequently cantankerous 59-year-old has more in common with Michael now than he when the feud first broke out--both are currently kept men.

John and longtime partner David Furnish tied the knot in a civil ceremony in London last December, after the U.K.'s Civil Partnership Act took effect, allowing gay couples to formalize their unions. Soon after, Michael announced he, too, would take advantage of the new law and swap vows with his longtime partner, Kenny Goss.

The interview airs on British TV Saturday night.

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